Harry Made Me Do It

The title of this post with the name Harry in it kind of loses some of its meaning in a way.

I will continue to share tales, writings and other things about Harry here. There are conversations that I would like to have with him again. Many times a week I'll be watching a movie, listening to music, reading a book or just traveling around on the internet, and I will come across things that I would like to talk to him about. So in trying to fill that void,  I created my own page for me to talk about these things. I know that I have lost some readers here most likely, as I am not the tale teller like Harry, but I think he would be happy that he has made me start writing.


  1. "Catholic girls..."

    -Doug in Sugar Pine

  2. Cool! I'm sure Harry would be thrilled to inspire you to write your own blog!

  3. Just a suggestion: whenever you post something there, post the link here on this blog.

  4. That's as good an impetus as I've ever heard for writing AGAIN. I'll see you over at YOUR place ...
    bj in CO


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