The novels of Harry (Jerry)

 I have finally decided it was time to start attempting to do something with Jerry's novels. 

Off the top of my head, I dont have dates of when he wrote these. i know that Ämbiäce ZEBRA was started in 2001 before and during when Jerry was going through the health stuff he had going on at the time. He was on a high dose of prednisone at the time during parts of it. Not sure if that had any direct effects to his writing, but it did in his non-writing life. An example is was when I started living with him during this time period, he had developed an appetite because of the prednisone, to where I had to start hiding my food around his apartment so there would be something left for me later. 

The second, Christus Interruptus, I don't have a whole lot of memory of. I'm not really sure why. At some point, hopefully in the near future, I will finish organizing his journals and may be able to fill in some details.

At this moment in time, I only have physical printed versions of the novels. I am in the process of scanning them to PDF form so at least I can read them digitally on the computer or where ever. 

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas of how to scan them into a word document to be able to be edited. Also, please let me know if anyone would be interested in reading and/or helping edit them, as I am probably not the best person to do that. 

I'm not really sure what I should try and do with them then. The first he had submitted to a writer that he likes, but if my memory is correct, he was in the top 4 or 5, but someone that was friends with the writer ended up being selected to be published. Again, I may find more information about this in his journals. "Lovely" Yahoo had decided not long after Jerry passed that they would completely wipe out his email. So if the communication was within in that email account, it is now gone. 

In the next few days I may try to post maybe the first chapter of one of the novels here. 

Please stayed tuned if this interests you. 


  1. I would be interested in reading anything he wrote, however I can get it.

    -Doug in Sugar Pine


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