Random Interests of Harry and I

Harry and I had a lot in common when it came to different things in life. He and I would send each other things that were kind of odd or we would think are interesting ideas. I feel that I need that outlet to send these to, as majority of my friends and family would not really have the interest. Like when Harry and I were in Highschool, we had started to listening to Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Our dad would complain about some of our music like this, he would make the comment of "it's the same shit over and over."

Last night I was unpacking the books that I had brought home from Harry's apartment that I had wanted. Books that some me of certain times of his life, books of his heroes, his interests, his studies. I always knew who he was, but I am finding myself submerged in an almost twenty-four a hour a day Harry search in whatever I can find. I have multiple copies of the two novels that he wrote, and of course in the very Harry way of things, none of them are dated or version listed in any of them. They are also all only printed versions of them, with no digital copy in existence as of yet. I do have a shoe box full of a few hundred 3.5 floppy disks that I get to go through.

This morning, after my evening of restacking the said books, I was doing searches on Charles Bukowski. I came across an article about Los Angeles artist Tim Youd, who will be (in 2013 that is) typing out Bukowski's novel "Post Office" using the same sheet of paper over and over for the whole novel on the same type of typewriter used by Bukowski. This was to take place over a 10 day period in the Downtown Terminal Annex Post Office where Bukowski worked for 12 years.

The picture above is Youd's typed sheet of Bukowski's novel "Women". The left sheet is the top sheet, the one of the right is the under sheet.



  1. Mason and Dixon is a weird book, but even if I didn't like that sort of thing (and I very much do) the bathtub scene would have made the read worthwhile.
    So I saw this post and said to Briana "Harry's brother posted again and it looks like he may post more." She seemed pleased and I noted that you were a guitar player.
    And that is how it came to be that I read aloud to Briana the part about your dad's reaction to Phillip Glass with one of your "4 track studies" playing from the speakers of this laptop.
    Her reaction to his criticism: "Bah!"
    I would be honored to read whatever ideas or items you feel like sharing with your brother by proxy by posting here. There are only two or three people in the world who would understand the humor I sometimes find myself wishing I could share with my long passed friend Dirty Dan, so I feel like I can maybe understand some of your feelings about this.
    Thank you for posting again.

    -Doug in Oakland

  2. There's nothing like a shared sibling bond of similar tastes and/or similar sense of humour. I have that bond with my sister. Glad to hear you enjoyed the same bond with Harry. Please keep posting!

  3. I heard you and Jerry composed and recorded music together, too. That must have been great fun! Harry's a very different kind of fellow. I miss him, too.

  4. Please keep posting! I think it's so cool, that you shared such a bond with Harry! I miss Harry so much!

  5. I had a Philip Glass CD in my car stereo for about four months straight, finding it good to promote thought flow. Steve Reich I've never heard of , my education is lacking! Good luck with the disks.

  6. I love going through old books. Such a soothing way to spend time, and look back through the years.


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