I wish you were here

I wish you were here for infinite reasons, but probably the most odd year in most of our lifetimes is happen this year. It's hard to believe that I can't talk you you about any of it. Though I am glad that some of this was not happening last year, you would've spent the final few months of your life in isolation from me and everyone. 

I wish you were here to make me feel better about everything. You normally had a way of wording things to make me feel better about things in life. 

I wish you were here so I don't have to go through your writings and journals and blogs and everything other thing that was left behind that I feel that I have to put together in some kind of meaningful way, but knowing that I am really the only person that will ever look at it. 

I wish you were here to make up for my lack of political knowledge. I always would tell people that you more than made up for what I lacked. 

I wish you were here to have our conversations that we would have about music. I feel so isolated now. There is no one, nor will there ever be someone like you. 

Mostly, I just wish you were here....


  1. Just tonight, the Harris County election commissioner was on TV explaining how he was, against the machinations of the Republican led Texas state government, throwing a fair, inclusive election. He's like 34 years old.
    I had to pause the video to explain to Briana how I had gone and asked Harry in a comment after the last election whether the "Houston 19" were as big a deal as the blogs I read about them were making of them, and Harry being Harry, he patently explained to me that yeah, they were a big deal, but part of a bigger deal that was the Democrats sweeping all county elected offices, and how it was mostly the family law judges that would make a difference in his life, and that he'd voted for some Republican judges who were good judges and decent people who knew when they first ran that you only won in Texas if you ran as a Republican.
    I conjectured to Briana that the 34 year old was likely appointed by one of those county officials that Harry had explained to me about.
    So we were talking about how much we missed Harry like, three hours ago...
    Hope you're doing OK in the goddamn apocalypse and just in general.
    Thanks for posting again.

    -Doug in Sugar Pine

    1. Thank you Doug!
      Yeah my mom says all the time that she wishes he was here to explain things like this to her. There are a couple other positions that are similar, where they wont because people voted straight party ticket, and voted some good people out only because of that. He always said that most people don't pay much attention to the local elections, and those are ones that you really have more of a say so in and usually impact us more on a day to day basis.
      It makes me happy to know that people still talk about him.
      I'm doing OK so far. Have had to get a COVID test twice because we had two separate instances where someone at work tested positive, but so far so good for me.
      Hope all is well with you also!

  2. And for those who don't know, the picture posted is from when he and I went to New York in 2018. We were walking around Central Park, and I could tell that something clicked with him and that he was looking for something. Well there is a picture of Genesis in 1972 sitting on this same rock. The Essex Hotel in the background is what I think triggered it for him. The rock was still in the same place, even the trees in the background you can tell are the same trees, just bigger now. He really like this picture. I had printed it out for people to have at his service, though I don't think most people got the reasons behind the picture.

  3. this makes me so sad..wish I was there to give you a big tittied texas hug.

  4. I would have absolutely loved to read Jerry's reaction to the Coronavirus. His stories would have been simultabeously hilarious and not at all funny.


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